The great artist Pablo Picasso said, "I can paint like Raphael, but it will take me a lifetime to learn to paint like a child." It was incredibly difficult for the jury of the Heritage-Priceless Gift children's drawing competition to single out someone among so many wonderful, talented children. After several days of intensive work and heated debates, the jury decided on the winners. They are:

in the age group from 6 to 12 years old:

1st place Sofia Pozhylova, for her work "St. Andrew's Descent"

2nd place Anastasia Glebko, for the work "Kamyanets-Podilsky"

3rd place Sofia Denysyk, for her work "Holosiivska Pustyn"

in the age group from 13 to 17 years old:

1st place Daria Ivanov, for her work "The Secret of Pectoral"

2nd place Arina Shevchenko, for her work "Podil - Modern and Ancient"

3rd place Victoria Zyma, for the work "Kyiv Church"

The special award of the contest "Baby Star" from TM "Hansel&Gretel" was given to Polina Martynova (6 years old) and Serafim Leonov (5 years old) for their work "Kyiv Evening".

A special award of the "Undiscovered Pearl" competition from UDICS Director Iryna Prokopenko was given to Eva Yatsyshina for her work "Vylkove in Spring".

The special award of the competition "Cossack family has no translation" from KB TPR LLC was given to  Svyatoslav Nepokrytov for his work "The Cossack and His Horse".

The special award of the contest "As an artist to an artist" from Corporate Lawyers & Tax Advisors K.A.C. Group was given to Lilia Ben Hamed for her work "Chronicle of Ukraine".

All participants will receive diplomas from UDICS and sweet gifts from the Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Property LLC.


We congratulate the participants and winners, wish them inspiration, and invite them to join our annual Heritage is a Priceless Gift competition in 2021 with their new works!